Automatic Covers 

APC 365

The complete package for those who want the best for their swimming pool investment. From a thermal retention cover to the tracks and hardware, the 365 kit has it all.

AutoGuard Top Track

A top track kit with the aesthetic appeal of APC's under track models - the AutoGuard top track system utilizes a low profile track for discreet cover housing.

Deck Mount AutoGuard

The perfect solution for homeowners who need to upgrade their run-of-the-mill pool covers, the deck mount system can be installed on top of an existing deck.

AutoGuard Under Track

With an out-of-the-way track system, under track owners will enjoy greater flexibility in creating an attractive lid that'll perfectly blend in with its immediate surroundings.

Manual Guard

The ManualGuard system includes our classic, durable safety cover but was designed with smaller pools in mind.