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Beginning in 1952, former actor and professional swimmer Buster Crabbe joined Cascade Industries to produce the world's first "package pool". Crabbe and his team from Cascade pioneered what is now commonplace - the at home swimming pool. 

In 1964, a local Terre Haute family travelled to the World's Fair in Queens, New York City with no intentions other than a nice family vacation, but left the World's Fair with a Buster Crabbe package pool. The family installed the pool in their backyard in Robinwood Subdivision, and quickly discovered it was a big hit with the entire neighborhood. Charlie, the father of the family, jumped on a train back to New York, where he would purchase several more pool kits, bring them back to Terre Haute, and sell them with installation to his neighbors.


The demand for inground swimming pools in the Terre Haute area grew quickly, and Charlie knew it was time to start a business installing inground swimming pools for all of Terre Haute. 

Sparkle Pools was founded in August of 1964, and has been building quality inground swimming pools ever since, as well as above ground pools and hot tubs. 

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