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Our service crews are factory trained professionals capable of fixing any and all problems you may encounter with your inground or above ground pool. Below is a small list of services we offer - don't hesitate to contact us even if what you're looking for isn't listed.

Pool Openings/Closings

Opening and closing your pool can be one of the most stressful experiences that a pool owner has to go through every season. Our trained service professionals open and close hundreds of pools annually, you can trust our pool pros to help.

Concrete Repair

We offer a wide variety of options for replacing cracked concrete, and concrete stamping to give you a freshly poured look.

Vinyl Liner Replacements

If your pool is leaking, or the old vinyl liner is starting to fade - it may be time for a replacement.

Pump Repair

Is your pump leaking or making a noise that just doesn't sound normal? We can help.

Electric Cover Service/Replacement

Automatic pool covers are one of the best investments associated with your pool, but the mechanism that moves that cover requires maintenance that most people aren't aware of. We can help by ensuring your cover continues operating smoothly.

Major Renovations

After years of use and multiple liner replacements, you may notice that your old wooden pool walls are starting to move or sag into the pool in some places. We specialize in the removal of these old wood walls and replacing them with steel options.

Sand Change

Most manufacturers recommend replacing the sand in your filter every three years.

Pump Replacements

Beginning in July 2021, single speed pool pumps will no longer be available. Upgrade today to a new energy efficient option.

Leak Repair

Anyone with kids can testify that pool mistakes happen - if something ends up in the pool that has damaged your liner or caused a leak, we can help by finding that leak and patching the hole.

Coping Replacement

Inground pools that are older than 10 years may have been installed with plastic coping, which is prone to cracking and breaking, leaving an ugly finish around the edge of the pool. Replacing the plastic coping with aluminum is an excellent way to spruce up the overall look of your swimming pool.

Filter Replacement

Older filters may not be filtering your pool and keeping your water as clean as it should be.

Weekly Maintenance

If you are looking for short term maintenance while on vacation, or long term worry free care of your pool all summer, we have options that will work for you!

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